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Hackabetes Artificial Pancreas Project
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Hackabetes Artificial Pancreas Project

This code is highly experimental, all suggestions by the app must be reviewed

Native Android Artificial Pancreas App with algorithm


  • Native Open Loop system (requires user to review and enter data into pump)
  • Capture your Bolus and Carb Treatments
  • Bolus Wizard utilising IOB, COB and CGM data
  • Ability to switch between Dev and Stable algorithms
  • Notifications for Android and Android Wear
  • Visuals showing Carb and IOB over time and Basal vs Temp Basal adjustments
  • Integration with Nightscout via NSClient and Pump Driver Apps for full Closed Loop operation

App can be used to inform the user at a user set time interval of suggested Temp Basal \ Extended Bolus calculated by the algorithm, this can then be manually set on the users pump. This allows a Diabetic with any pump to experiment with the OpenAPS algorithm.


  • Android 5.0+
  • xDrip \ xDrip+, Nightscout for CGM Data
  • Android Wear for viewing current Basal & acknowledging Temp Basal Suggestions (optional but highly recommended)
  • xDrip Watch Face for displaying current Basal, IOB and COB on Android Wear (optional)
  • NSClient for Nightscout uploads & CGM values (optional)
  • Pump Driver app for your pump for closed Loop support (optional)

###Repos used I am utilising code from the following repos and porting them over to this app.

###Thanks to The community for all their code and advice to make this possible. Special thanks to StephenBlackWasAlreadyTaken, jasoncalabrese, AdrianLxM, Lorelai, MilosKozak and scottleibrand.


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