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Save Your Internet – Widget

The planned EU copyright reform constitutes a massive threat to the free exchange of opinions and culture online. Together, on March 23rd 2019 “” call for a Europe-wide day of protests against the dangers of the reform.

This widget can be easily placed on your page, blog or website to inform your visitors and readers about this reform on March 21st. Just use the code below:




    'language': 'en',
    'hideOnReload': false
<script src="" async></script>


The following parameters can be used for SAVE_YOUR_INTERNET_CONFIG:

Parameter Default value Description
language 'en' Language of the widget (en, el, de, fr or nl)
hideOnReload false If it set to true, widget will be only shown once
blackOutDay '2019-03-21' Day when widget should be shown (can be overwritten for testing)


  • Easy to integrate (just one JavaScript file, and no external dependencies/frameworks)
  • Easy to configure (showAlways, language)
  • Easy to test (add #showsaveyourinternet to the URL)
  • Simple design that fits on every page
  • Responsive design - so we can show this also on mobile devices easily


If you want to add more languages or improve code quality, feel free to submit a Pull Request!

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