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browse and pick your ECMAScript Modules
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browse and pick your ECMAScript Modules - for only Linux users until now

This script fits perfectly to Deno. For example, you can pick one of the Deno Standard Modules and then import it directly with the URL which has been copied into your clipboard.

Quick Start

If you want to use this script to browse through all the Deno Standard ES Modules run ./ <path> where <path> is the location of the Deno Standard Modules repository on your device.


With the help of the Bash script you can pick any ES Module with your favorite selection app, e.g. rofi or dmenu.

The DIR variable or the first positional parameter defines the path where the script looks for ES modules.
If you have rofi installed, start the script and all files which include ES modules are displayed one below the other.
After you selected a file, the Bash script calls the JavaScript script getEsModules.js to display all ESM exports.

When you select an export, the script will automatically copy a string - like the following one - into your clipboard:

import { serve } from "";

You can import the module with the copied string immediately.


pickYourEsModule consists of the two files and getEsModules.js which have to be in the same directory.

Furthermore it depends on xclip or xsel and rofi or dmenu.

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