An addon app to that makes comments submittable via ajax
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NOTE: This code is alpha. The work is in progress


An addon app to that makes comments submittable via ajax


  1. Install from PYPI:

pip install django-ajax-comments-xtd

  1. Add the app and its dependencies to INSTALLED_APPS in
  1. Add COMMENTS_APP to your
COMMENTS_APP = 'django_comments_xtd'

Make sure you follow the exact order of putting these apps together

  1. Add this to your url config:
urlpatterns = [
  url(r'^comments/', include('tow.django_ajax_comments_xtd.urls')),

Note: You don't need to add urls config provided by django_comments and django_comments_xtd because our app includes them all.

  1. Run migrations to create necessary database tables:
python migrate
  1. Add JS library link to your template:
<script src="{% static 'django_ajax_comments_xtd/js/ajax_comments.js' %}"></script>
  1. In templates use these tags to display a list of comments and the comment form:
{% load comments comments_xtd %}

<div id="comments">
  {% render_xtdcomment_tree for object %}
  {% render_comment_form for object %}

And now you should have ajax comments enabled.