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Django Database Backup UI

Django Database Backup UI is an extension of Django Database Backup (django-dbbackup: that allows you to backup database and media files via Django Admin interface. An additional dbbackup_ui.wagtail module provides support for Wagtail Admin.


Supported versions

  • Django: 1.11
  • Wagtail: 1.10
  • Python: 3.4+


Install using PIP:

pip install django-dbbackup-ui

Regular Django Admin:

  1. Add dbbackup_ui to INSTALLED_APPS:

INSTALLED_APPS += ['dbbackup_ui']

  1. Add url to your main just above root admin url:
 urlpatterns = [
   url(r'^admin/backups/', include('dbbackup_ui.urls')),
   url(r'^admin/', include(,
  1. Granted you're logged in as a Superuser you should now be able to access the backup page via url:

Wagtail Admin:

  1. If you use dbbackup_ui with Wagtail, add dbbackup_ui.wagtail to INSTALLED_APPS:

INSTALLED_APPS += ['dbbackup_ui.wagtail']

  1. Granted you're logged in as a Superuser you should now be able to access the backup page via url: Additionally, you should see a new menu item labeled Backup DB & Media in the navigation sidebar on the left.


When on Backup Database and Media page, you should see two buttons: "Download database backup" and "Download media backup". By clicking on one of these buttons, a backup process starts and eventually, a backup file gets downloaded by your browser. Please be advised that clicking on the buttons doesn't create a backup on the server. If you need to create server stored backups, you should use command-line and commands provided by django-dbbackup module.

This extension allows to make a quick backup and get it downloaded to your computer. Don't use this tool if you have large database dumps and / or lots of media. This tool is suitable for small installations.

Also, remember about possible security risks due to exposing backup capabilities to web interfaces. Use at your own risk.


Backup database and media files via Django admin interface (includes Wagtail admin support): pip install django-dbbackup-ui







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