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Tailwind CSS integration for Django a.k.a. Django + Tailwind = πŸ’š

Django Tailwind Demo


This project aims to provide a comfortable way of using the Tailwind CSS framework within a Django project.


  • An opinionated Tailwind CSS setup that makes your life easier;
  • Hot reloading of CSS, configuration files, and Django templates. No more manual page refreshes!
  • Out of the box support for CSS imports, SASS-like variables, and nesting;
  • Includes official Tailwind CSS plugins like typography, form, line-clamp, and aspect-ratio;
  • Supports the latest Tailwind CSS v3.x;

For instructions on upgrading from v2 to v3, see this post on my blog.


Python 3.8 or newer with Django >= 2.2 or newer.


The full documentation is at


Via PIP:

pip install django-tailwind

Check docs for the Installation instructions.

Bugs and suggestions

If you have found a bug, please use the issue tracker on GitHub.

2019 - 2022 (c) Tim Kamanin - A Full Stack Django Developer