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Django + Tailwind CSS = ❤
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The integration of Tailwind CSS framework with Django a.k.a. Django + Tailwind = ❤

Quick start

  1. Install the python package django-tailwind from pip

    pip install django-tailwind

    Alternatively, you can download or clone this repo and run pip install -e ..

  2. Add tailwind to INSTALLED_APPS in

  3. Create a tailwind-compatible Django-app, I like to call it theme:

    python tailwind init theme

  4. Add your newly created theme app to INSTALLED_APPS in

  5. In, register tailwind app by adding the following string:

    TAILWIND_APP_NAME = 'theme'

  6. Run a command to install all necessary dependencies for tailwind css:

    python tailwind install

  7. Now, go and start tailwind in dev mode:

    python tailwind start

  8. Django Tailwind comes with a simple base.html template that can be found under yourtailwindappname/templates/base.html. You can always extend it or delete it if you have own layout.

  9. If you're not using base.html template provided with Django Tailwind, add styles.min.css to your own base.html template file:

      href="{% static 'css/styles.min.css' %}"
  1. You should now be able to use Tailwind CSS classes in your html.

  2. To build a production version of CSS run:

    python tailwind build.

NPM executable path configuration

Sometimes (especially on Windows), Python executable can't find NPM installed in the system. In this case, you need to set NPM executable path in file manually:

NPM_BIN_PATH = '/usr/local/bin/npm'

Please note that NPM path of your system may be different. Try to run which npm in your command line to get the path.

Bugs and suggestions

If you have found a bug, please use the issue tracker on GitHub.

2019 (c) Tim Kamanin - A Full Stack Django Developer

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