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Kohana Email module

Factory-based email class. This class is a simple wrapper around PHPMailer.

How to install

clone with --recursive option

Put all files into modules/email directory and enable module in bootstrap.php:

	'email' => MODPATH.'email',

Then copy MODPATH/email/config/email.php to APPPATH/config/email.php. Well done!


Simple use case::

$email_subject = 'Hi there!';
$email_body = 'Hi, guys! This is my awesome email.';
$is_html = false;
$message = Email::factory($email_subject, $email_body, $is_html)
	->to('', 'Mr. Recipient', 'CC')
		''=>'Mr. Recipient',
		''=>'Mr. Recipient'
$result = $message->send();
if($result) Session::instance()->set('message','Email sent successfully');

or like this

$email_body = '<p>This is <em>my</em> body, it is <strong>nice</strong>.</p>';
$message = Email::factory('Hi there!', $email_body, true);

Additional senders can be added using the from() and reply_to() methods. If multiple sender addresses are specified, you need to set the actual sender of the message using the sender() method. Set the bounce recipient by using the return_path() method.

To access and modify the PHPMailer message directly, use the mailer() method.

For advanced using, read classes/Kohana/Email.php - class is self-documented


return array(
	'driver' => 'native', // native, sendmail, smtp
	 * Driver options:
	 * @param   null    native: no options
	 * @param   string  sendmail: executable path, with -bs or equivalent attached
	 * @param   array   smtp: hostname, (username), (password), (port), (encryption), (debug) 0-4 ,function($str, $level)(debug_output)
	'options' => array(),
	'from' => array('','Example noreply mailer'),
	'charset' => 'UTF-8' // charset

Configuration is stored in config/email.php by default. Options are dependant upon transport method used. Consult PHPMailer documentation for options available to each transport.