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redditraffler is a website that facilitates contests or giveaways using Reddit submissions as a platform.

Read more about it at


The issue tracker for this project is on GitHub.

Non-development related questions or issues can be forwarded to me on Reddit or via e-mail.

Development Requirements

redditraffler is a Flask app with jQuery for DOM manipulation, so you'll need to know Python and/or JavaScript for development. The required tools are:

  • Python 3.6+
  • pipenv
  • Docker and Docker Compose (for Redis and PostgreSQL)
  • 2 Reddit API keys (one web app, one script app)
  • Yarn 1.x


$ git clone
$ cd redditraffler
$ pipenv install --dev # install python dependencies
$ yarn install --dev # install node dependencies


For the app to run properly, you'll need to provide configuration values via a .env file at the app's root directory. Use .env.example as a template for your .env file.

For the full list of environment variables used by the app, see app/

Starting The App

Spin up the Docker containers for Postgres and Redis:

$ docker-compose up

To start up the development server:

$ bin/start

This will run migrations to keep the database schema up to date, then start up the Flask web server and a worker process.


Run the app's tests with

$ pipenv run test
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