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  • if you want to contribute (especially looking for people that want to help adding translation), contact me ( Currently I'm working alone on this project, so there is no chat/mailinglist. If more people join, we can add that of course!

v2 changelog

  • added support for phone number since officials have contacted us that they want to use it for forwarding requests over phone
  • added some anti spam security (captcha)
  • added visualization of all offers on the map, regardless of actual selection
  • added account editing possibility
  • reworked codebase for more structure (php<>twig<>html<>js)

v3 plans:

  • possibility for local shops to add their online shop/delivery service on the map with a popup containing the infos and links
  • possibility for people to add demands or stock of items that are short due to hoarding which they need or want to share (visible for 48h or some limit like that)