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Homebrew tap for Xpra
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This is not an official Google product.

Homebrew formula for Xpra that works

Formula is written from scratch to make it harder, better, faster, stronger.


  1. Add this repo as a tap brew tap timothybasanov/xpra
  2. Install Xpra: brew install xpra (use can use --devel for 0.15.x branch)
  3. Use Xpra as you usually do: xpra attach ssh:ubuntu.local:100

Development process

  1. Clone this repo into /usr/local/Library/Tap/timothybasanov/
  2. Add as an IntelliJ project
  3. Edit xpra.rb
  4. Reinstall xpra: brew uninstall xpra ; brew install --verbose --debug --HEAD xpra
  5. I run live xpra server on a separate Ubuntu machine, here is how to debug xpra client:
    • python to use /usr/local/bin/python (to pick up GTK+ libs)
    • current directory /usr/local/Cellar/xpra/HEAD
    • file to run libexec/bin/xpra
    • source/compiled code should be on PYTHONPATH:
      1. libexec/bin
      2. lib/python2.7/site-packages
      3. libexec/vendor/lib/python2.7/site-packages
    • parameters --debug=all --encoding=rgb attach ssh:ubuntu.local:100
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