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Home automation between Nest Thermostat and A/C w/ BeagleBone
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This is not an official Google product.


Controls output pins of a beaglebone board in sync with Nest Thermostat states.

Example usage

Connect 120v air conditioner to Nest via Wi-Fi instead of using 24v HVAC wires.

Nest would think that it controls AC via 24v HVAC wire, but in reality your beaglebone would control it instead.

  1. Hardware configuration:
    1. BeagleBone Black w/ Wi-Fi module and external power source.
    2. PowerSwitch Tail II (PST2) in between your AC and power outlet.
    3. BeagleBone pin P9_2 connected to "-" PST2 input.
    4. BeagleBone pin P9_12 connected to "+" PST2 input.
    5. Wire jammed in Nest Y1 socket, accepting error message once.
  2. Software configuration:
    1. Ubuntu 14.04
    2. NodeJs 0.10 (0.12 is not compatible with bonescript as of April 2015)
    sudo apt-get install npm nodejs-legacy
    1. NodeNest service & configuration:
      1. git clone
      2. cd node-nest
      3. Config should be edited to add your login/pass for Nest: nano config.js
    2. Required NodeJs packages: npm install bonescript unofficial-nest-api
    3. Update bonescript to the nightly:
      cd ..
      git clone
      cp -v bonescript/src/* node-nest/node_modules/bonescript/
      cp -v bonescript/package.json node-nest/node_modules/
      cd node-nest
      npm install ffi
    4. Test running: sudo node index.js
    5. Running as a service (be careful, this opens a potential security hole as service runs under root):
      1. sudo ln -sv ~/node-nest/index.js /usr/local/bin/node-nest
      2. sudo cp node-nest.conf /etc/init/
      3. sudo service node-nest start
      4. Check: sudo tail -F /var/log/upstart/node-nest.log

Now your air conditioner should be controlled by Nest Thermostat. In real time.


  • Could not read or write humidifier status as API exposed by Nest is limited, you can map your humidifier to a fan to trigger it once a day.
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