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import asyncio
import inspect
from pprint import pformat
from typing import Any, Callable, get_type_hints
from pydantic import BaseModel
class NotDefined:
"""This exists to allow distinctly checking for a parameter not passed in
vs. one that is passed in as None.
class CallableExample:
"""Defines a single Example call against a callable."""
__slots__ = ("args", "kwargs", "callable_object", "returns", "raises")
def __init__(
self, callable_object: Callable, args, kwargs, returns: Any = NotDefined, raises: Any = None
self.args = args
self.kwargs = kwargs
self.callable_object = callable_object
if raises and returns is not NotDefined:
raise ValueError("Cannot specify both raises and returns on a single example.")
self.returns = returns
self.raises = raises
def verify_signature(self, verify_types: bool = True):
"""Verifies that the example makes sense against the functions signature."""
bound = inspect.signature(self.callable_object).bind(*self.args, **self.kwargs)
annotations = get_type_hints(self.callable_object)
if verify_types and annotations:
test_type_hints = {}
typed_example_values = {}
for parameter_name, parameter_value in bound.arguments.items():
type_hint = annotations.get(parameter_name, None)
test_type_hints[parameter_name] = type_hint
typed_example_values[parameter_name] = parameter_value
if self.returns is not NotDefined and "return" in annotations:
test_type_hints["returns"] = annotations["return"]
typed_example_values["returns"] = self.returns
class ExamplesModel(BaseModel):
__annotations__ = test_type_hints
def use(self) -> Any:
"""Runs the given example, giving back the result returned from running the example call."""
if inspect.iscoroutinefunction(self.callable_object):
loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
call = self.callable_object(*self.args, **self.kwargs)
if loop.is_running():
return call # pragma: no cover
function = asyncio.ensure_future(call, loop=loop)
return function.result()
return self.callable_object(*self.args, **self.kwargs)
def test(self, verify_return_type: bool = True):
"""Tests the given example, ensuring the return value matches that specified."""
result = self.use()
except BaseException as exception:
if not self.raises:
if (type(self.raises) == type and not isinstance(exception, self.raises)) or (
type(self.raises) != type
and (
not isinstance(exception, type(self.raises))
or self.raises.args != exception.args
raise AssertionError(
f"Example expected {repr(self.raises)} to be raised but "
f"instead {repr(exception)} was raised"
if self.raises:
raise AssertionError(
f"Example expected {repr(self.raises)} to be raised "
f"but instead {repr(result)} was returned"
elif self.returns is not NotDefined:
if result != self.returns:
raise AssertionError(
f"Example's expected return value of '{self.returns}' "
f"does not not match actual return value of `{result}`"
if verify_return_type:
type_hints = get_type_hints(self.callable_object)
if type_hints and "return" in type_hints:
class ExampleReturnsModel(BaseModel):
__annotations__ = {"returns": type_hints["return"]}
def verify_and_test(self, verify_types: bool = True) -> None:
def __str__(self):
arg_str = ",\n ".join(repr(arg) for arg in self.args)
if self.kwargs:
arg_str += ",\n " if arg_str else ""
arg_str += ",\n ".join(
f"{name}={repr(value)}" for name, value in self.kwargs.items()
call_str = f"{self.callable_object.__name__}(\n {arg_str}\n)"
if self.returns is not NotDefined:
call_str += f"\n == \n{pformat(self.returns)}"
elif self.raises:
call_str += f"\nraises {pformat(self.raises)}"
return call_str
def __repr__(self):
return f"Example:\n{str(self)}"
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