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EngineY's support for themes is often referred to as a unique strength for EngineY. Themes make it easy for you to customize the look and feel of your EngineY site. They also make EngineY very flexible in terms of the types of sites you can create with it out-of-the-box. Canned themes include a basic social network, a Facebook clone, a Twitter clone, a personal blog, and a managed content site.

##Setting the current theme

##Creating a new theme Theme content exists across four directories. If you create your own theme you need to be aware of what goes where related to your theme. The majority of your theme specific code will go into a sub-directory of the /themes directory.

Your theme's static resources including images, javascripts, and stylesheets will go into theme directories under the /public directory. For example your theme specific images will go into a theme named sub-directory of /public/images/themes and likewise your theme specific javascripts will go into a theme named sub-directory of /public/javascripts/themes.

The majority of content that you will place into the /themes/your_theme directory will be view implementation files. The views that you create for your theme will override any views that exist in the main views directory, /app/views.