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AutoEnchanter for Hypixel Skyblock. No more carpal tunnel...

For this code to work, you must have the Sikulix library, available from Then, simply run the AutoEnchanter class.

I also have an executable .jar file available at

In-game requirements before you run it are: 1) You must have your inventory opened to the full 9-block enchanting screen. 2) You must put one stack of the item to enchant in the inventory slot directly to the left of menu star (bottom right corner). 3) You must face, and be within reach of, the merchant that sells the item. The closer you are, the better. 4) You must set your GUI scale to Normal.

It's also suggested that you: 1) Disable player profiles. 2) Take the game out of full screen mode, so that you can more easily run this app while keeping the game window visible.

Controls: 1) Shift + x: Terminates the app. 2) Shift + p: Alternately pauses and unpauses the app.

Note: the intial popup window has a single field for the number of enchanted stacks to make. For special items, such as string or wheat, which don't follow the normal 5-stacks-per-enchant rule, do the following: Add a space, followed by a second number such as 6 or 9 after the number of enchanted stacks to make. So, if you wanted to create 4 stacks of enchanted string, instead of just '4', your input would be '4 6'.

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