Plugin for Octoprint to use a Modern Device LCD and some buttons
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Control your OCtoprint Enabled 3d printer through an LCD and buttons!

This uses Octoprint's REST API to interface with Octoprint, Modern Device serial LCD, some buttons, and some leds, and a relay board.


  • Monitor current print status and time remaining
  • Start / Stop / Pause / Restart prints
  • Turn the power to the printer and a sperate outlet on and off through relays
  • List files stored on the Pi and the printer's sd card
  • Load, Print, and Delete files
  • Monitor and set bed and tool temperatures (Even for multiple tools!)



Wire the LCD to +5v, ground, and serial TX on the Pi

Wire each of the buttons from their GPIO pin to ground as follows:

  • up: 15
  • down: 21
  • left: 19
  • right: 12
  • enter: 13
  • back: 16

Wire the LEDs through the resistors from their GPIO pin to ground, and wire the relay like this, but to the following pins:

  • led1: 22
  • led2: 18
  • printer relay: 7
  • outlet relay: 11

All pins can be changed in

Usage & Installation

Install dependancies:

sudo ~/OctoPrint/venv/bin/pip install hurry

Clone from github

cd ~
git clone

If it is not installed in /home/pi/OctoPrint-LcdController, you wil need to change the paths in,, and lcd appropriately

To run use sudo ./lcd start To stop use sudo ./lcd stop

To run at startup

sudo ./

To turn the printer on or off from another program, write a 1 or 0 to printerPower. For example,

echo 1 > printerPower

By default, a log is stored in log.txt. It can be changed in

By default, the serial port /dev/ttyAMA0 is used for the display. It can be changed in