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Lando WordPress Configuration

Lando is an extremely flexible local development environment that is based on Docker. If your system can run Docker, then you can run Lando regardless if you are on a Mac, Windows, or Linux machine. The beauty of Lando is that most of the Docker configuration is handled for you through prebuilt "recipes", which greatly simplifies the setup process.

This repository contains the Lando configuration file (.lando.yml) that I use for my WordPress projects along with the php.ini file that it references.


These steps assume that Lando is already installed.

  1. Download a zipped copy of this repository and copy the .lando.yml and php.ini files to your project root.
  2. Open up .lando.yml and rename the app's name to something unique.
  3. Specify the desired PHP version, web server (apache or nginx), and database server (mysql, mariadb, or mongodb).
  4. Uncomment the pma service if you want to run PhpMyAdmin.
  5. Uncomment the events section if you would like to back up the database each time the containers are stopped.
  6. Change the proxy from wpsandbox.test to your desired domain.
  7. Update your hosts file so that the app's domain points to
  8. Run the command lando start from the project root.


Refer to Lando's extensive documentation.