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A library to easily load TexturePacker images into CoronaSDK
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Texturepacker Image

Simple Image Textures

Simple Image Textures (SIT) is a library used to quickly load image sheets into CoronaSDK with TexturePacker(™). Instead of having to manually load each individual image sheet into a project, this library loads them all into a table for easy access. Just point SIT to the directory(s) where the resources are located and it does all the heavy lifting.

I created SIT initially as a added feature for another library called Berry. After the feature was added, I decided to also make it into a stand alone tool that other developers (hopefully) might find useful.

Quick Start Guide

local SIT = require('simple_image_textures')  -- ie. "graphics/images/stuff"

image = display.newImageRect( SIT.getTexture(texture_name) )
image.x, image.y = 100, 100

SIT will scan through the given directory and all sub-directories for Texturepacker files and load them. Both the matching Texturepacker images and lua files provided must have the same name and be in the same directory.


This returns an image sheet, frame, width, and height for a texturepack image. Simply pass the name of the image to the method like so: display.newImageRect( SIT.getTexture('crowbar')) (assuming image is named crowbar.png) and you will have a quick image to load. No need to deal with multiple image sheets, sizes, or frames.

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