An animation library for Reagent (ClojureScript)
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Reactive animation (ClojureScript Reagent library)



  • Concise spring animation expressions.
  • Local time state, not part of your model.
  • Calculates only while animating.
  • This then that style timeline helper.

The approach

React style UIs have many advantages, but it is not always clear how to animate them. Existing animation libraries focus on manipulating DOM elements, which conflicts with the lifecycle that React imposes on them. Reanimated avoids this problem by making animation part of your UI definition.

Reanimated is my opinionated claim that reaction closures are simpler and more expressive than React's existing animation capabilities.


Live demos and example code.


Add to your project.clj file:

Clojars Project

API Docs See the examples above for usage.

How it works

Reactions. You should read about them here. Physical spring simulation. Animation atom which recalculates until it reaches a steady state.


Pull requests are welcome.

To see all available commands, run:

boot -h

To start up a dev server, run:

boot dev
open http://localhost:3550

To run a production build of the site, run:

boot site # generates codox
open public/index.html

To release a new production build of the site, run:

boot site # generates codox
git subtree push --prefix public origin gh-pages

To refresh the docs without rebuilding the site, run:

boot docs

To build the library, run:

boot lib

To release a new version of the library, ensure you have the proper credentials, and run:

boot lib release


Copyright © 2016 Timothy Pratley

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.