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`blojsom` is a Java-based, full-featured, multi-blog, multi-user software package.


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blojsom is ...

A Java-based, full-featured, multi-blog, multi-user software package.

Originally developed by David Czarnecki and others, blojsom is the answer to the question: where's the Java version of blossom? blojsom first leveraged the file-system for entry creation and management. By version 3, blojsom had graduated to an Spring enabled, lean-JEE, platform backed by a database.

In 2004, blojsom was the software behind Apple's Mac OS X Tiger Server Weblog Server. Apple's Press Release.

Want to try blojsom?

The Quickrstart JAR is uses an in-memory H2 database that deploys to your favorite Servlet/JSP container.

Give it a spin. If you like it, use it. Yours Truly does (and has been for more than 10 years through every version).

If you like what you see, you might also want help out.

Fork this!

I need help with the following tasks:

  • Porting the wiki from the blojsom archive at The original wiki was lost too many years ago in a system crash.
  • Spring Core update
  • Unit Tests
  • YUI 3.x or Vanilla JS porting (read: almost anything that's not some bad concoction of npm, bower, nodejs, JQuery or JQuery-built)[1]

More ideas to come.

[1] I'm a YUI guy from way back. It was a sad day when Yahoo! BSD'd the project. Yet the YUI is built on a solid Vanilla JS core and browser abstraction library.


`blojsom` is a Java-based, full-featured, multi-blog, multi-user software package.







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