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ng-grid : An Angular DataGrid

We are now part of angular-ui. Please look upstream for the latest code and for posting issues.


ng-grid Team:

Based originally on koGrid:

License: MIT

Dependencies: jQuery & angular.js. (JqueryUi draggable for non-HTML5 compliant browsers to use awesome Drag-N-Drop aggregate feature. However, you can still groupby without draggability)


ng-grid Originally built on knockout we wanted to port it to angular.

version 1.3.2


ng-grid is version 1.3.2 release.

We are going to be adding more features here as we head to a 1.4 release, including:

  • Virtualized column scrolling
  • "Fixed" column option (columns not affected by horizontal scrolling)
  • Anything else the rest of the community wants to contribute that isn't a terrible idea. :)

The bare bones:

<script type="text/javascript" src="angular.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="ng-grid.js"></script>
    angular.module('myApp',['ngGrid', ... {other includes}]);
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../ng-grid.css" /> 
<body ng-app="myApp">
    <div ng-grid="myOptions"></div>
// Define your own controller somewhere..
function MyCtrl($scope) {
    $scope.myData = [{name: "Moroni", age: 50},
                     {name: "Tiancum", age: 43},
                     {name: "Jacob", age: 27},
                     {name: "Nephi", age: 29},
                     {name: "Enos", age: 34}];
    $scope.myOptions = { data: 'myData' };
    // you can also specify data as: $scope.myOptions = { data: $scope.myData }. 
    // However, updates to the underlying data will not be reflected in the grid

Want More?

Check out the Getting Started and other Docs


Hideous Examples

Change Log

  • 2012-11-27 - Version 1.3.2 - Changed default width behavior to use *s and added option to maintain column ratios while resizing
  • 2012-11-27 - Version 1.3.1 - Added layout plugin. Support for uri templates. Performance improvements.
  • 2012-11-23 - Version 1.3.0 - Major code refactoring, can now group-by using column menu, changes to build
  • 2012-11-21 - Version 1.2.2 - Built-in filtering support, numerous perfomance enhancements and minor code refactoring
  • 2012-11-20 - Version 1.2.1 - Added ability to specify property "paths" as fields and for grid options.
  • 2012-11-19 - Version 1.2.0 - Added Server-Side Paging support and minor bug fixes.
  • 2012-11-17 - Version 1.1.0 - Added ability to hide/show columns and various bug fixes/performance enhancements.
  • 2012-11-14 - Version 1.0.0 Release