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A simple memorial website for the VentMob gaming community that ran from 2008 until 2011. Feel free to post issues with missing events on the timeline.
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VentMob Memorial Website

This is the source-code for the VentMob memorial website.


Any contributions to this project are much appreciated, whether you are just posting an issue about some missing/incorrect information or creating a pull-request with enhancements.


  1. Clone this repo to your webserver

  2. Get a steam API key from:

  3. Create a tools/secret.php script containing your steam api key:

    <?php const STEAM_API_KEY = '<your steam api key>';
  4. Create a storage/ directory in the root

  5. Run the tools/collage_creator.php to generate the public/storage/collage.html

  6. Point your incoming web-traffic to the public/ directory

  7. You're ready to use/test this site.

Docker Notes

To launch this on a webserver in a docker container with docker-letsencrypt-nginx-proxy-companion:

With a volume:

Run this in the root of this git repo:

docker run -d \
	   --name website_ventmob \
	   -v "$PWD/public/":/app/ \
	   -e \
           -e \
           -e \
           --network=webproxy \	

Without a volume:

  1. Build the Dockerfile using:

    docker build -t my-httpd .
  2. Run the container with:

    docker run -d -e \
               -e \
               -e \
               --network=webproxy \
               --name website_ventmob \


  • By default a .htaccess is included for those who do not have access to apache config files. If you do have access then you should make these changes in the appropriate apache configuration. If you do want to use the .htaccess, make sure apache has AllowOverride set appropriately.
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