An ElasticSearch plugin for portuguese phonetic analysis
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#Portuguese Phonetic Plugin for ElasticSearch

A Phonetic plugin for portuguese languaged based on Phonetic Analysis plugin.


To install, clone this repository into your machine and run:

./scripts/ path_to_elasticsearch

Here an example:

./scripts/ ~/Programas/elasticsearch-0.20.5


In config/elasticsearch.yml configure an filter and an analyser like this:

index :
    analysis :
        analyzer :
            fonetico :
                type : custom
                tokenizer : standard
                filter : [ standard, lowercase, foneticaportuguesa_filter, asciifolding ]
        filter :
                type : foneticaportuguesa
                replace : false
  • The replace parameter (defaults to true) controls if the token processed should be replaced with the encoded one (set it to true), or added (set it to false).

  • For best results never put asciifolding before your foneticaportuguesa filter

Then, you have to map your document to use this analyser. Folder scripts has some examples using a analyser with the plugin and without the plugin, go there and have some fun.

##ElasticSearch Versions

This plugin was created for elastic search 0.20 but i'm using it without problems with elastic search 1.7.1 on my pet project ( There is only one little bug for this version, the replace parameter is ignored and is always false.


Do whathever you want. I dont care.