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A lightweight blog engine with several web-related capabilities
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This is oText, a lightweight blog engine with several Cloud-related tools.

With oText you can hold a blog, share links, upload and share photos or files, follow RSS feeds, save notes, manage an agenda and contacts.

oText is provided by Timo van Neerden (a.k.a. le hollandais volant), based upon the work of Frederic Nassar and Timo Van Neerden.

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  • Blog :

    • Comments
    • RSS / ATOM Feeds
    • Easy custom-theming
  • Links sharing (like Diigo, Delicious or Shaarli)

    • dedicated RSS for Links
  • RSS Reader

    • with Cron-updating capabilities (either local or distant)
  • Images/Files uploading and sharing

    • With drag & drop
  • Note saving tools (Google Keep style)

  • Agenda tool (Google Calendar style)

    • With ICS feed-link
  • Contacts manager

  • Import/Export (ICS (agenda), JSON (blog data), OPML (RSS), ZIP (all), HTML (links), VCard (contacts), XML (notes))

  • PWA capable (soon, for RSS, Notes, Agenda, Contacts)


  1. Unzip the downloaded Zip file into a folder
  2. Upload that folder to your site
  3. Use your browser to go to your site and tht folder
  4. Follow the few onscreen steps

Minimal system requirements


Software & disk:

  • PHP 5.7+
  • min 1.5 Mb disk space (more userdata = more space needed)


  • PHP-PDO (with php-sqlite or/and php-mysql);
  • php-curl (for RSS reader, links sharing, comments icons)
  • php-gd (for comments icons / favicons);
  • php-xml (for RSS reader)
  • php-zip (for zip exporting function)
  • php-mbstring (for blog)

Client-side requirements

  • A modern web-browser (HTML5, CSS3, ES6), either desktop or mobile
  • JavaScript & Cookies must be allowed.

Legal Notice.

oText is based on a fork of BlogoText and several other resources, listed in the LICENSE file.

Important note

This is a personnal project I made for myself.

You are free to use it if you want to, but I won’t maintain features I do not use. As such, some features might be removed, added or altered (including the database) after an update.

Also, I am open to ideas, bugreports or requests, but keep in mind that I’ll probably say no to suggestions. Your idea might be good, but if I don’t need some feature for myself, I won’t implement it.

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