Instrumentation client to collect metrics from OS, Http/hapijs and Senecajs
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This project is a WIP. Once installed and loaded as the first module in your node application, the instrumentation client collects and sends metrics to a given endpoint.

There is also an collector-backend available.

Sorry for the sparse information - please raise an issue if you want to know more!

git clone && cd $_

npm i

npm link

Configuration via process.env

module.exports = {
    todo_disabled: !!process.env['TODO_DISABLED'],
    loadavgSampleInterval: process.env['TODO_LOADAVG_SAMPLERATE'] || 2000,
    memorySampleInterval: process.env['TODO_MEMORY_SAMPLERATE'] || 1000,
    app_token: process.env['TODO_APP_TOKEN'] || '',
    service_name: process.env['TODO_SERVICE_NAME'] || 'Service',
    service_id: process.env['TODO_SERVICE_ID'] || '',
    collector_host: process.env['TODO_COLLECTOR_HOST'] || 'localhost',
    collector_port: process.env['TODO_COLLECTOR_PORT'] || 2020,
    collector: {
        loadavg: true,
        mem: true,
        requests: true // TODO: maybe fine grain modules