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Tim Neutkens timneutkens
21 years old dutch guy. Actively developing packages for all things Javascript 🚀 :shipit:

Knegsel, The Netherlands

Facundo Olano facundoolano
Things I like: elegant code and clean APIs; the Unix philosophy and the Zen of Python; pragmatic functional programming; semicolon-separated lists.

Buenos Aires

Mathias Buus mafintosh
Rød grød med fløde

Copenhagen, Denmark

Jason Miller developit
Web DevRel at Google. Creator of Preact and other tiny libraries.

@google Cambridge, MA

Hans Christian Reinl drublic
Node.js Dev, Front-End Architect, @workingdraft

Freelancer Cologne, Germany

RC rcdexta
Full Stack Engineer at Ruby • JavaScript • iOS • Devops • Open Source • Performance • Design Seattle

André Staltz staltz
Not Microsoft's property.

Helsinki, Finland

Oliver Beddows karmacoma
Lisk Foundation, Vice President lightcurve GmbH, Director

@LiskHQ Berlin, Germany

Monica Dinculescu notwaldorf
I'm your favourite developer's favourite developer. 🙋

Google Sun Funcisco ☀️

Dan Abramov gaearon
Working on @reactjs. Co-author of Redux and Create React App. Building tools for humans.

@facebook London, UK

Mattias Petter Johansson mpj

Mattias Petter Johansson Stockholm, Sweden

Dustin Deus StarpTech
From Ø to Hero, Web and Distributed Systems.


Alan Plum pluma
Building @ole-edu, maintainer at @arangodb & @arangodb-foxx, web dev, ❤️ React & TypeScript

CTO at @foss-haas Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany

Michael Kühnel mischah
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Father of two Loves Open Source Team @bullgit @yeoman core team member

@micromata Kassel, Germany

Collin Estes CollinEstes

MRI Technologies - NASA Houston TX

Gryllos Prokopis PGryllos

@Sentiance Antwerp, Belgium

Benedikt bvknobloch Cologne, Germany

Titus wooorm
🐧 Making it easier for developers to develop with @unifiedjs · OSS · Teacher · Syntax trees, markdown, markup, natural language 🐧

Uni. of Appl. Sciences Amsterdam (@cmda) Amsterdam

Frederic Hemberger fhemberger
Works on @nodejs 🐢 🚀.     A GitHub profile is not a résumé.

Freelancer Cologne, Germany

Bastian Wegge bastianwegge
Messing with computers from early age. After hardware I tried programming and it became my passion for more than 18 years now. Stay naive <3

Crossbow GmbH Germany, Münster

Matteo Collina mcollina
Principal Architect @nearform, TSC member @nodejs, IoT Expert, Conference Speaker, Ph.D.

@nearform In the clouds above Italy

Peter Elger pelger

fourTheorem Ireland

Adrian Rossouw AdrianRossouw

NearForm Cape Town, South Africa

Timo Derstappen teemow

Giant Swarm Cologne, Germany

Nicolás Fantone nfantone
Down with this sort of thing.

@flybondi Dublin, Ireland

Keith Horwood keithwhor
Founder at @stdlib. Making developers' lives easier one repo at a time.

@stdlib San Francisco, CA

Dean McDonnell mcdonnelldean
Delivery Architect with nearForm Ltd. Interested in all things software and hardware.

@nearform Ireland

Reza Akhavan jedireza

@tumblr San Francisco

Andrew Joslin ajoslin
Javascript. Past: Ionic, ngMaterial, Eaze, Fact0ry. Current: Full-stack Consulting.


Alex Cory alex-cory

@TableCo San Francisco, CA

Brad Green bradlygreen

Google, Inc. Mountain View, CA

Ines Teles iteles
Co-founder @dwyl | Head cheerleader @foundersandcoders

@dwyl London, UK

RJ Masikome rjmasikome
Sometimes I code

Germany / Indonesia

Omar Al-Safi omarsmak
Software Engineer at @trivago

RWTH Aachen / @trivago Düsseldorf, Germany

Kyle Cho kylecho

Box, Inc. San Francisco

Thorsten Lorenz thlorenz
⭐ Support me on Patreon! 🙏 ❤️

NodeSource nomad

Paul Betts paulcbetts
Margot Tenenbaum as software developer.

San Francisco

Chiel Kunkels chiel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Adam Lynch adam-lynch
Head of a secret new product @Teamwork. Author of Developing an Electron Edge ( Creator of Ked (

Teamwork Cork, Ireland

Max Gfeller MaxGfeller

cyon GmbH Basel, Switzerland