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<script src="js/jquery-1.9.1.js"></script>
<script src="js/jquery.flot.js"></script>
<script src="js/phase.js"></script>
<script src="js/osc.js"></script>
body { font-family: sans; }
.plot { width: 250px; height: 140px; }
<h2>rogue oscillators</h2>
maybe also tone parameter
<input type="number" id="tone" min="0" max="1" step="0.01" value="0.5"/>
<input type="number" id="width" min="0" max="1" step="0.01" value="0.5"/>
<td>Saw <div class="plot" data-fn="va_saw"></div></td>
<td>Tri Saw <div class="plot" data-fn="va_tri"></div></td>
<td>Pulse <div class="plot" data-fn="va_pulse"></div></td>
<td>Saw <div class="plot" data-fn="pd_saw"></div></td>
<td>Square <div class="plot" data-fn="pd_square"></div></td>
<td>Pulse <div class="plot" data-fn="pd_pulse"></div></td>
<td>Double sine <div class="plot" data-fn="pd_double_sine"></div></td>
<td>Saw pulse <div class="plot" data-fn="pd_saw_pulse"></div></td>
<td>Res 1 <div class="plot" data-fn="pd_res1"></div></td>
<td>Res 2 <div class="plot" data-fn="pd_res2"></div></td>
<td>Res 3 <div class="plot" data-fn="pd_res3"></div></td>
<td>Half Sine <div class="plot" data-fn="pd_sin_half"></div></td>
<td>Saw <div class="plot" data-fn="el_saw"></div></td>
<td>Double Saw <div class="plot" data-fn="el_double_saw"></div></td>
<td>Tri <div class="plot" data-fn="el_tri"></div></td>
<td>Tri 2 <div class="plot" data-fn="el_tri2"></div></td>
<td>Tri 3 <div class="plot" data-fn="el_tri3"></div></td>
<td>Pulse <div class="plot" data-fn="el_pulse"></div></td>
<td>Pulse Saw <div class="plot" data-fn="el_pulse_saw"></div></td>
<td>Slope <div class="plot" data-fn="el_slope"></div></td>
<td>Alpha 1 <div class="plot" data-fn="el_alpha1"></div></td>
<td>Alpha 2 <div class="plot" data-fn="el_alpha2"></div></td>
<td>Beta 1 <div class="plot" data-fn="el_beta1"></div></td>
<td>Beta 2 <div class="plot" data-fn="el_beta2"></div></td>
<td>Pulse tri <div class="plot" data-fn="el_pulse_tri"></div></td>
<td>Exp <div class="plot" data-fn="el_exp"></div></td>
<td>FM1 <div class="plot" data-fn="fm1"></div></td>
<td>FM2 <div class="plot" data-fn="fm2"></div></td>
<td>FM3 <div class="plot" data-fn="fm3"></div></td>
<td>FM4 <div class="plot" data-fn="fm4"></div></td>
<td>FM5 <div class="plot" data-fn="fm5"></div></td>
<td>FM6 <div class="plot" data-fn="fm6"></div></td>
<td>FM7 <div class="plot" data-fn="fm7"></div></td>
<td>FM8 <div class="plot" data-fn="fm8"></div></td>
<td>Saw Add <div class="plot" data-fn="as_saw"></div></td>
<td>Square Add <div class="plot" data-fn="as_square"></div></td>
<td>Impulse Add <div class="plot" data-fn="as_impulse"></div></td>
<td>White <div class="plot" data-fn="no_white"></div></td>
VA (Virtual analog) - PWM control<br/>
PD (Phase distortion) - distortion control<br/>
EL (Electronic) - PWM control<br/>
AS (Additive synthesis) - amount of partials