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Scala IDE integration? #37

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I'm a student who's been working on Scala IDE this summer (GSoC) and I randomly stumbled onto this project.

Since I have some experience with writing Scala IDE plugins (see, I was wondering if you would be up for collaborating with me on writing a Scalagen plugin for Scala IDE.

In short, I would do most/all of the work. It seems that Scalagen can be used from the command line as an external process, but also programatically ( (although it would be nice if it there was a method accepting String input and giving back String output) which means that it could be very easily made into a Scala IDE plugin and later maybe integrated within Scala IDE itself.

So, what do you think? Again, from my perspective it seems easy enough to do.

By the way, this is probably not the best question to ask this but I didn't see a link to a mailing list or a contact email. :)



Hello Sandro.

I would be interested in helping you with the Scala IDE integration.

Btw, the Java parser doesn't support comments. Is that a problem?


What do you mean by "doesn't support" - silently eats them?

Well, as long as this plugin is actually useful and helps people convert their Java code to Scala, I don't think it's going to be a huge issue since people can just paste those comments in the resulting Scala file. :)

Is this never going to be fixed or can it be with some additional coding?


Yes, the parser doesn't break on comments, but doesn't include them in the AST, but that might not be such a big problem.

The Java parser is an external library, and I didn't follow the progress lately. Fixing it locally doesn't seem to be too easy.


The parser ( says that it does support comments, but from the issues I see there are some problems with this.

There's apparently a fork with some improvements:

There's also missing Java 7 support.

But all in all, I think this is OK for now as a start, we'll focus on possible improvements later. :)


Great. Upgrading later shouldn't be too painful if the AST hasn't changed too much.


Hi Sandro

Where has that Scala IDE integration gone since 7 months ?


Closing, since Scala IDE integration is out of scope. @SandroGrzicic Feel free to open new issues if you encounter any bugs or missing features.

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