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small JS library for CSS class manipulation library
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A small JS library for CSS class manipulation library designed to work in conjuction with the new HTML5 Selectors API so you can tweak multiple elements and multiple classes all at once.

Example Usage

Using classtweak is designed to be simple and flexible.

Operating on a DOM element

The simplest case for using classtweak is having a reference to a DOM element and then calling classtweak with class modifiers:

var el = document.getElementById('test');

// add the bounce class
classtweak(el, '+bounce');

// remove the bounce class
classtweak(el, '-bounce');

// toggle the bounce class
classtweak(el, '!bounce');

// add the bounce class and toggle the slide class
classtweak(el, '+bounce !slide');

NOTE: It is also possible to tweak multiple objects at once by passing through an array of elements rather than a single element.

Using a Tweaker Function

As an additional helper, calling the classtweak function returns a function that can be used to tweak classes on the elements that were initially passed through:

var tweaker = classtweak(document.getElementById('test'));

// add the bounce class

// remove the bounce class

// toggle the bounce class

// add the bounce class and toggle the slide class
tweaker('+bounce !slide');

Using the Query Selector API

While the cases above show how to interact with DOM elements directly, with the Selectors API maturing support for working with selectors has been integrated also:

// add the bounce class to all sections on the page
classtweak('section', '+bounce');
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