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-eNode is a simple wrapper around [DNode](
+eNode is a simple wrapper around [DNode]( and
[upnode]( functionality, simplifying
creation and operation of DNode Servers and Clients. I found that DNode
used some confusing patterns and made certain operations complicated,
@@ -12,8 +12,8 @@ so I wrapped them up in an 'easier' interface.
* Automatic buffering of requests and reconnections on lost servers as provided
by upnode is configured by default between Servers and Clients
* All 'connection' handling code is done in the 'connect' event, and
- unlike Dnode, the remote API will always be available in a `connect` event,
- if it exists.
+ unlike Dnode, the Servers/Clients don't return fire any callbacks/events
+ until they have recieved the remote's API
* Remote API calls get passed remote API & connection properties in a `meta` property
as the last argument passed to every API call. This means you don't necessarily need to
define your API inside the scope of connection handler to get access to

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