Run locally-installed node module executables.
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Run executables in node_modules from the command-line

Use npm-run to ensure you're using the same version of a package on the command-line and in package.json scripts.

Any executable available to an npm lifecycle script is available to npm-run.


> npm install mocha # mocha installed in ./node_modules
> npm-run mocha test/* # uses locally installed mocha executable 
> npm-run --help
Usage: npm-run command [...args]
  --version  Display version & exit.
  --help     Display this help & exit.

Hint: to print augmented path use:
npm-run node -p process.env.PATH


> npm install -g npm-run

Programmatic API

The API of npm-run basically wraps core child_process methods (exec, spawn, etc) such that locally install package executables will be on the PATH when the command runs.

npmRun(command[, options], callback)

Alias of npmRun.exec.

npmRun.exec(command[, options], callback)

Takes same arguments as node's exec.

npmRun.exec('mocha --debug-brk --sort', {cwd: __dirname + '/tests'}, function (err, stdout, stderr) {
  // err Error or null if there was no error
  // stdout Buffer|String
  // stderr Buffer|String

npmRun.sync(command[, options])

Alias of npmRun.execSync

npmRun.execSync(command[, options])

Takes same arguments as node's execSync.

var stdout = npmRun.execSync(
  'mocha --debug-brk --sort',
  {cwd: __dirname + '/tests'}
stdout // command output as Buffer|String

npmRun.spawnSync(command[, args][, options])

Takes same arguments as node's spawnSync.

var child = npmRun.spawnSync(
  '--debug-brk --sort'.split(' '),
  {cwd: __dirname + '/tests'}
child.stdout // stdout Buffer|String
child.stderr // stderr Buffer|String
child.status // exit code

npmRun.spawn(command[, args][, options])

Takes same arguments as node's spawn.

var child = npmRun.spawn(
  '--debug-brk --sort'.split(' '),
  {cwd: __dirname + '/tests'}
child.stdout // stdout Stream
child.stderr // stderr Stream
child.on('exit', function (code) {
  code // exit code


Due to npm's install algorithm node_modules/.bin is not guaranteed to contain your executable. npm-run uses the same mechanism npm uses to locate the correct executable.

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