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Metadata for updates to the tz database.
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timparenti Update ISO 3166-1 data.
- MK: Update name to "North Macedonia" to reflect ISO update effective
- CD, KR, MD, TW, TZ: Use parentheses instead of comma to match ISO names.
- Update commentary to specify that the short English name is used, omitting
  leading "the".
Latest commit d24a93f Mar 30, 2019


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This repository aims to document metadata regarding changes to timezone data as they are communicated to the tz discussion list, added to the tz development repository, and released via IANA, to encourage timely notification of timezone changes which permit timely dissemination. For more information, please read Matt Johnson's 2016-04-23 blog post, "On the Timing of Time Zone Changes".

The metadata compiled herewithin is secondary to the tz repository, and is derived from the archives of the tz discussion list as well as commits to the tz development repository. Pull requests will NOT be accepted for a given timezone change until it has been proposed to the tz mailing list at, discussed as necessary, committed to the tz development repository, and (in general) released.

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