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Source code for the book "Lift in Action", publishing on Manning Q4 2011
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Lift In Action Source Code

Lift in Action is a step-by-step exploration of the Lift web framework. It opens by presenting the core of the Lift framework, along with enough Scala to get you started. You’ll move quickly, but the carefully crafted, well-explained, progressive examples make you comfortable from the start. You’re through Hello World in no time, and ready to build something real.

The code in this repository accompanies the Lift in Action book:

The code in this repo uses a multi-module SBT project to conduct its build process. See the next section for information on how to actually build the code.


Load up SBT in the normal way:

timperrett$ sbt

Take a look at the modules in this project

> projects
  	  2 1.0
  	  9 1.0
  	  6 1.0
  	  3 1.0
  	  8 1.0
  	  11 1.0
  	  7 1.0
  	  5 1.0
  	  14 1.0
  	  4 1.0
  	  13 1.0
  	  12 1.0
  	  10 1.0
  	* lift-in-action 1.0

Then select a particular module we want to interact with:

> project 2
Set current project to 2 1.0

Then you need to update the dependencies

> update

Then we can run actions on that module like normal:

> jetty

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