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CloudBees Run@Cloud SBT Plugin

Integration for SBT that lets you deploy apps to the CloudBees RUN@Cloud PaaS


Firstly you need to add the plugin to your ~/.sbt/user.sbt or to your regular project build.sbt. You can do that with the following:

resolvers += "sonatype.repo" at ""

addSbtPlugin("eu.getintheloop" %% "sbt-cloudbees-plugin" % "0.4.0")

Don't forget to export the settings so they are included by SBT:

seq(cloudBeesSettings :_*)

With those in place, the next thing you'll need to do is head over to and pickup your API key and secret. These should look like:

Grand Central Keys

Take these values and apply them in your user.sbt (or regular build file):

seq(cloudBeesSettings :_*)

CloudBees.apiKey := Some("FXXXXXXXXXXX")

CloudBees.apiSecret := Some("AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=")

These of course are global settings per-machine, so the only application specific settings you need to define are the application and user in your project file. Alternativly, you could also define the username globally too:

CloudBees.username := Some("youruser")

CloudBees.applicationId := Some("yourapp")

Now your all configured and good to go, there are two commands you can run with this plugin:

  • Get a list of your configured applications: cloudbees-applications
  • Deploy your application cloudbees-deploy
  • Open the application in your default web browser: cloudbees-open