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Version 4.0 has been a major rewrite to make use of the more idiomatic task functionaltiy within SBT 0.10+

Major changes:

  • Plugin now works with SBT 0.11.2 only
  • Use of the $HOME/.bees directory for configuration is now gone. In order to become more inline with SBT conventions configuration now takes place in the ~/.sbt/user.sbt
  • The deployment task name has changed from bees-deploy to cloudbees-deploy
  • The remote application list task has changed from bees-app-list to cloudbees-applications
  • All settings and tasks are prefixed cloudbees, so they should be easy to find in the console
  • Prompting for settings that are undefined is gone. All settings are checked before use and will deliver an error in the console if the appropriate setting is empty.