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DataFAQs logo An automated asynchronous Linked Data quality evaluation framework. __Because [5 stars](http://www.w3.org/DesignIssues/LinkedData.html) aren't enough.__

To realize its value, Linked Data must be used. But how good is any part of the linked data cloud? Does it suit best practices? Is it complete for a given application? Is it accurate, connected -- consistent? The DataFAQs linked data evaluation framework is being designed to provide automated, asynchronous feedback to Publishers, Curators, and Consumers about relevant portions of the cloud. Let's accelerate the health of Linked Data.

Getting started

DataFAQs framework illustration

As publishers register datasets, evaluation services are used to report on specific aspects that consumers find important. The collection of reports are tailored to provide automated feedback to publishers and consumers alike. This feedback mechanism provides a quantitative basis to monitor the overall quality of the dataset ecosystem.

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