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DERI's RDFAlerts lint service (http://swse.deri.org/RDFAlerts/) is listed at:

We're mirroring it in Prizms Nodes:

Mar 2014


It is fading deployment at http://swse.deri.org/RDFAlerts/, since Aidan doesn't work at DERI anymore (Mar 2014). But, he can still refresh it.

However, a while back the Sindice team integrated parts of the RDF:Alerts service into their system. The service they built is still available at:


I expect this should be quite stable.

Also, I have a WAR file to deploy the original RDFAlerts service. If someone were to volunteer a more permanent place to host it, or simply wanted to run it locally, the WAR is available here:


I believe you can just deploy and run directly in, e.g., Tomcat 5 or newer.

Best, Aidan


Source code

The code is gathering dust in the following SVN:


The usual disclaimers about code for research prototypes apply, particularly since I remember fiddling with parts to help with the Sindice integration. ;)

We've forked their code at https://github.com/timrdf/RDFAlerts.

On a side note, it would be a really great project for someone to look into building a more modern validator: e.g., for RDF 1.1, for syntaxes other than RDF/XML, taking into account OWL 2, etc.

The RDF:Alerts validator was a quick effort to capture the most common types of errors we were experiencing working with Web data (as discussed in this group), but I think carrying that idea further with more stable tools would be of great use to the community.

For example, we had plans for automated validator badges that publishers could display to bootstrap a minimal quality guarantee for data-sets ... but this idea (and others) fell by the wayside in the interest of making space for other projects.

What is next

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