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960 Grid System - Compass Plugin

  • Port of Version 1.0
  • 2008-03-24

Created by Nathan Smith. See the official site for more info:

This plugin adds the 960 Grid System framework to Compass.


gem install compass-960-plugin

Create a 960-based Compass Project

compass create -r ninesixty my_project --using 960

Or, If you prefer to use Sass's indentation based syntax:

compass create -r ninesixty my_project --using 960 --syntax sass

Then edit your grid.sass and text.sass files accordingly. A reset is added into grid.sass automatically.

Customizing your Grid System

To create a grid system with other number of columns use the +grid-system mixin to generate the corresponding classes.



Making Semantic Grids

  • Use the +grid-container mixin to declare your container element.
  • Use the +grid mixin to declare a grid element.
  • Use the +alpha and +omega mixins to declare the first and last grid elements for a row.
  • User the +grid-prefix and +grid-suffix mixins to add grid columns before or after a grid element.


    +grid(10, 16)