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πŸ“ A Markov chain sentence generator. Specify the file you want to analyse, sentence amount, word length, and you're ready to go.
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Markov Text Generator

Python based text generator that uses the markovify python library.

Example data can be found in /data/input.jsonl. In this case, the data has been obtained from Twitter by using either Tweepy or twarc - All we care about is how the text corpus (body) is formatted. You're more than welcome to have a look at my Python Twitter Scraper using Tweepy for a basic implementation


  1. Load an input file (.jsonl) file with (ideally) more than 1000 sentences. More sentences help build stronger texts.
  2. Run create_text_body and specify the text_key to look for in your input file.
  3. Run create_markov_chain with your resulting text_body and pass in the state_size.
  4. generate_text will create a specific amount of sentences by a specified minimum and maximum length of characters. An output file is required, which is where we'll save our newly created sentences.

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