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EnhancedListView [Deprecated]

An Android ListView with enhanced functionality (e.g. Swipe To Dismiss and Undo)

The documentation can be found in the wiki:

Deprecation Notice

With the new Android L release a new View called RecyclerView will be introduced. This view will be part of the support library, so it is backward compatible till API level 7.

This View has many advantages over the old ListView (and other adapter based views). I highly recommend using the new RecyclerView from its official release on. This means, this library would need a complete rewrite to the new view. Since I don't have the time to do so, I deprecate this library with the coming Android L release, meaning there will be no further development from my side.

If you want to port this view to the new RecyclerView feel free to take as much from this library that you need (it is all licensed under Apache Software License). If you've written a replacement library on the new technology, feel free to drop me a notice. I will gladly add a link here to your library.

If you start a new project and stumble upon this library, please think twice of including it in your project, since it will very soon be old technology (and not developed any further).

Update Notice


  • All resources (layouts, colors, etc.) got an elv_ prefix. So if you have changed some of these in your own app, you must make sure to also add the elv_ prefix to your resources (e.g. to change or internationalize the "Undo" string, you will need to have a string resource elv_undo instead of undo).


[DEPRECATED] An Android ListView with enhanced functionality (e.g. Swipe To Dismiss or Undo)








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