Some of us are impatient. At least, I am - when I deploy an update to my app to Heroku, I want to know whether it's ready. This tells you.
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Impatient gem

I'm a bit impatient - when I deploy an app to Heroku, I'm the kind of guy who repeatedly hammers heroku ps until I see that my app is up and ready to go, waiting to see "up" as my signal that I'm ready to go.

But no more with the Impatient gem - basically, this is a really simple (and basically a bit rubbish) app which runs the dreaded command continuously until it stops saying "starting". It'll ever push it at the same time so it's just one command for everything.

It'll tell you if it's up. and if the app couldn't start, you'll be told that too and show the logs. Want to try it? Just run imp.

Installation instructions

You can install this really easily as a gem:

gem install impatient


Just run imp. Heroku will deploy your app, and once it's done, Impatient will sit their and wait for it to be ready. Once it's ready, it'll say "Heroku app is ready to go."

cd ~/heroku_app


To automate things more, you can ask Impatient to open the app for you as soon as it's ready - to do this, just add --open to the command.

cd ~/heroku_app

imp --open

If you'd prefer not to automatically push, just add --no-push to the command.

imp --no-push

General thoughts

This gem is simple and a bit rubbish - I'd love it if people who actually know Ruby to a decent degree would improve this for me and put in a pull request!

Any questions or thoughts? Send me a tweet.

This gem is open source. Read LICENSE for more information.