A screenscraper for Lloyds TSB's Online Banking service.
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Lloyds TSB screen scraper

I bank with Lloyds TSB - I have my current account and credit card with them. Like most online banking services though, they're not to up-to-date on APIs and the like. After looking around online, I found that there were a couple of scripts that people had built, but I didn't have much luck with them myself. So I decided to build my own screen scraper.

I know the code in this is pretty messy, and as ever, it's untested. I tried to refactor it and got to the end, but then it turned out to be broken and I couldn't be bothered to fix it. So I've left it for now.


The file example.rb provides a very simple example of how the code works, but here's a step by step:

  1. Ensure the gem is installed, and then include it in your Ruby file, or in your Gemfile where appropriate:
$ gem install lloydstsb
`require 'lloydstsb'
  1. Create a hash with three symbol keys, :username, :password and :memorable_word, each unsurprisingly corresponding to different authentication details used
@settings = {
  username: "123456789",
  password: "a secure password",
  memorable_word: "banking"
  1. Instantiate a new instance of the LloydsTSB::Customer object, passing in the hash from the previous step - this is used to perform the authentication required.

customer = LloydsTSB::Customer.new(@settings)

  1. Call the accounts method of the object you just made - it'll take a few seconds, and will return a number of LloydsTSB::Account objects. Play with the response as you wish.
puts customer.name

Data models

A LloydsTSB::Customer is created with LloydsTSB::Customer.new with a hash of settings passed in. It has the following attributes:

  • agent (Mechanize::Agent) - the Mechanize agent used to browse around the online banking system. This will be pointing at the "Your accounts" page.
  • name (string) - the name of the customer
  • accounts (array) - an array of LloydsTSB::Account objects representing accounts held by the customer

A LloydsTSB::Account instance has the following attributes:

  • name (string) - the name of the account
  • balance (integer) - the balance of the account, whether positive or negative. *(NB: The true meaning of balance is affected by whether the account is a :credit_card or a :bank_account)
  • limit (integer) - the credit limit for the account - this is an overdraft limit for a current account, or the spending limit on a credit card
  • transactions (array) - an array containing a number of LloydsTSB::Transaction object - this will be the 20(?) most recent transactions on the account
  • details (hash)__ - the identifying information for the account as a hash. For a bank account, this will have keys :account_number and :sort_code, with :card_number for credit cards
  • type (symbol) - the type of the account, either :credit_card or :bank_account

A LloydsTSB::Account has many LloydsTSB::Transaction instances in its transactions property. Each transaction has the following attributes:

  • date (Date) - the date of the transaction as shown on the statement
  • narrative (string) - a description of the transaction, most likely the name of the merchant
  • type (symbol) - the type of transaction, usually an acronym - a list is available on the Lloyds TSB site
  • direction (symbol) - either :credit or :debit, depending on what the transaction is
  • amount (integer) - The amount of the transaction, obviously...
  • unique_reference (string)_ - a hash to identify this transaction (fairly) uniquely...useful if you want to see whether a transaction is new or not


  • I haven't tested this with savings account, so it may well mess the script up and cause exceptions. I'll need to open a savings account to test this.
  • It will only show a limited number of transactions - it doesn't navigate through the different pages


Use this for what you will, as long as it isn't evil. If you make any changes or cool improvements, please let me know at .