A quick extension for Underscore.js, using Underscore.Strings (http://bitbucket.org/epeli/underscore.strings/) for adding http:// to the start of URLs
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What is Underscore.strings.httpize.js?

This little script is an extension for Underscore.strings.js, and hence Underscore.js, a great Javascript utility library.

It makes use of the startsWith function included with Underscore.strings, allow you to add http:// to the front of strings where doing so is desirable. Before it does this, it uses startsWith to check if http:// is already present. Once it has done it (or not as the case may be!), it returns the result.

How do I use it?

A full usage example is included in example.html. In short, you need to include underscore.js, underscore.strings.js and underscore.strings.httpize.js (preferably in that order) and then run _.httpize(string_to_httpize). Or you can use the alternative syntax of _(string_to_httpize).httpize().

Future updates...

I created a version 1.1 with support for adding https:// to the start of URLs, but decided not to release it as I couldn't decide on a behaviour which I thought was good.

Is this a feature that anyone would be interested in? If so, would you want to force a URL which is originally http:// to be https://, or would you leave it with the original prefix? How would you make such a feature behave?

It would be great if anyone felt like making their own version with such a feature. If you're up for it, fork the repository, update it and send me a pull request and I'll be sure to take a look :)

Credits, thanks and acknowledgements

Thanks to all the Underscore.js team for all their work in building this interesting little Javascript library. You can get Underscore.js in this package, or here.

Thanks to Esa Matti Suuronen, who created the underscore.strings.js library which this script is based on. This repository includes his work. You can download the original script here.

Many thanks to Andri Möll for introducing me to Underscore.js.

(C) 2010 Tim Rogers You can find me online on my website at http://www.tim-rogers.co.uk, and I'm @timROGERS on Twitter.