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A compiled implementation of Javascript, targetting C
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JS to C

A compiled implementation of ES5, targetting C.

Read my notes for a rough dev notes, or read more polished write ups on my blog.

Next thing to do - see


The following JS

function fact(n) {
    return n < 3 ? n : n * fact(n - 1);

outputs as a C program. For instance the compiled fact function looks like:

// ...
JsValue *fact_1(Env *env) {
  JsValue *return_2;
  JsValue *left_5 = (envGet(env, interned_7) /* n */);
  JsValue *right_6 = (jsValueCreateNumber(3));
  JsValue *conditionalPredicate_4 = (LTOperator(left_5, right_6));
  JsValue *conditionalValue_3;
  if (isTruthy(conditionalPredicate_4)) {
    return_2 = (envGet(env, interned_7) /* n */);
  } else {
    JsValue *left_8 = (envGet(env, interned_7) /* n */);
    JsValue *callee_10 = (envGet(env, interned_11) /* fact */);
    JsValue *left_12 = (envGet(env, interned_7) /* n */);
    JsValue *right_13 = (jsValueCreateNumber(1));
    JsValue *call10Arg_0 = (subtractOperator(left_12, right_13));
    JsValue *args_10[] = {call10Arg_0};
    JsValue *right_9 = (functionRunWithArguments(callee_10, env, args_10, 1));
    return_2 = (multiplyOperator(left_8, right_9));
  return return_2;
// ...


    the C implementation of the language runtime
    the TypeScript compiler



Run npm test to run/update tests. ./scripts/test-by-name $name to run a single test.

Failed tests provide a command to compile and run the C program with the debugger.


The runtime has unit tests - use the make test in ./runtime to run them, and ./runtime/scripts/compile-test-loop test-file-basename.


Runtime C libraries for js-to-c.



  • clang
  • Make
  • CMake (for libuv)

I'm trying to limit my focus to learning about compilation, so I've made no attempt to make this cross platform. It shouldn't be too tricky, libuv is the big dependency and it's cross platform.

make install


Builds and runs all tests:

make test


See lib - currently just

  • debug.h
    • debug macros

Dynamic libraries

The runtime is built into a dynamic library to avoid recompiling. There's also a prelude, which allows langauge features to be implemented in JS that's pre-compiled to C.


Files prefixed _ are private to the runtime and should not be relied on.

## Potential issues

grep for HMM to see potential problems I'm leaving alone for now as they seem tricky to solve properly/I'm unsure they'll be a problem in practice. Good place to look if weird bugs occur.

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