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Lift OpenID Example
+This project is based on the lift-archetype-basic maven archetype using
+* sbt 0.11.1
+* scala 2.9.1
+* lift 2.4-M5
+Run the project by starting sbt in the web/ directory and entering:
+ ~container:start
+The application can be viewed at <a href="http://localhost:8080">http://localhost:8080</a>
+Basic Lift OpenID integration
+Basic Lift OpenID integration follows the steps lined on <a href="">Assembla OpenID instructions</a>
+openid-selector Javascript integration
+<a href="">openid-selector</a> provides a Javascript OpenID selector which allows users to select an OpenID provider by clicking a recognisable logo rather than entering an OpenID provider URL.
+Integration with Lift is handled in the webapp/template_hidden/login.html file, wrapped by the login_template.html surround.

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