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My Curriculum Vitae, generated in Python via Jinja from JSON fields into HTML.
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Tim Sainburg Curriculum Vitae

This repo makes an HTML Curriculum Vitae (CV) from a set of json files. It is based on Colin Raffel's CV


If all you want to do is generate an HTML file, just run python3 It will look inside of templates, and generate HTML using Jinja from those templates and the related JSON files (inside of data).

For my own specific uses, I created a Makefile, that will need to be re-created specifically for your use case. That file is just used to do things like git push the updated CV repo, copy files over to my websites repo, build that repo, and push it it github. To run the makefile, just run make buildwebsite or another make command.

Quick explanation

Data is stored in a JSON, like this:

            "Organization": "University of California, San Diego",
            "lab": "Auditory Neurscience Laboratory",
            "location": "La Jolla, CA",
            "advisor": "Timothy Q Gentner",
            "start": "2015",
            "end": "now",
            "title": "PhD Student"

The .tpl Jinja template for the HTML output, is generated using the JSON data, like this:

<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en">
        <title>Tim Sainburg: Curriculum Vitae</title>
        <div class="block">
            {% for item in education %}
            <div class="item">
                <div class="yearrange">{{item.start}}&#8211;{{item.end}}</div>
                <div class="yearright">
                    <strong>{{}}</strong><br />
                    {{}}<br />
                    {% if item.lab %}{{item.lab}}<br />{% endif %}
                    {% if item.advisor %}Advisor: {{item.advisor}}<br />{% endif %}
            {% endfor %}

This is all orchestrated by the script, which just finds all of the json files, loads them up, generates the HTML from .tpl, and writes it to a file:

env = jinja2.environment.Environment(
template = env.get_template('MYTEMPLATE.TPL')
with open('/MY/OUTPUT/PATH/MYTEMPLATE.HTML', "w") as f:
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