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A Python Application framework - Let us handle the boring stuff!
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pyApp - A python application framework

Let us handle the boring stuff!

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Many features inspired by Django, but modified to be more general for use outside of web applications.

With PyApp 4.0, support for versions of Python < 3.6 are no longer supported.

So what do we handle?

  • Configuration - Loading, merging your settings from different sources + Python modules + File and HTTP(S) endpoints for JSON and YAML files.
  • Instance Factories - Configuration of plugins, database connections, or just implementations of an ABC. Leveraging settings to make setup of your application easy and reduce coupling.
  • Checks - A framework for checking settings are correct and checking that your application connect to that API end point (your ops team will love you)?
  • Extensions - Extend the basic framework with extensions, the framework provides deterministic startup and the ability to register checks and default settings.
  • Application - Provides a extensible and simple CLI interface for starting running commands, comes with built-in commands to support Checks, report settings/extensions.


Coming soon

Support for common services eg email, as well as companion libraries to add plugin factories for, Paramiko, LDAP etc.

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