Simple abstraction on top of ntwitter for working with a website feed.
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var TwitterFeed = new (require('twitterfeed'))({
  searchString: '@NodePhilly OR #nodephilly OR #nodejs', //
  filterString: 'nodephilly,nodejs', //
  cacheLimit: 3 // cycle tweets out of cache after limit is reached

var feed = TwitterFeed.start();

feed.on('tweet', function(tweet) {
    console.log('TWEET :: %s', JSON.stringify(tweet));

feed.on('error', function(error) {
    console.log('ERROR :: %s', JSON.stringify(error));

function printCachedTweets() {
    feed.getCachedTweets().forEach(function(tweet) {
        console.log('CACHED TWEET :: %s', JSON.stringify(tweet));

setTimeout(printCachedTweets, 3000);