Writes an interactive, responsive, client-side web application, in which users can browse and search features, scenarios and steps.
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Attention: this project was formerly known as SpecFlow.Reporting.WebApp. This is not an offical SpecFlow package and the name clashed with some of the official SpecFlow packages/namespace. Therefor it was renamed to SpecResults.WebApp

All previous published versions of SpecFlow.Reporting.WebApp are still available on NuGet.org, alltough they aren't listed anymore.

WebApp reporter Build status

NuGet: SpecResults.WebApp


Make your existing StepDefinitions class inherit from SpecResults.ReportingStepDefinitions

Initialize and add the reporter in [BeforeTestRun] and register on one of the events to get notified when something gets reported:

public class StepDefinitions : ReportingStepDefinitions
	public static void BeforeTestRun()
		var webApp = new WebAppReporter();
		webApp.Settings.Title = "WebAppReporter Showcase";

		Reporters.FinishedReport += (sender, args) =>
			var reporter = args.Reporter as WebAppReporter;
			if (reporter != null)
				reporter.WriteToFolder("app", true);

Reading the report

In order to browser the web app report, you must host the file into a web browser. Here is an example of hosting it with node.js. Simple go to the app folder and do the following :

Install connect and serve-static with NPM

$ npm install connect serve-static

Create server.js file with this content:

var connect = require('connect');
var serveStatic = require('serve-static');

Run with Node.js

$ node server.js

You can now go to http://localhost:8080/yourfile.html