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A parameterized version of the 3D printable parts for the Mendel version of the RepRap 3D printer
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Parameterized Mendel

This repository contains CAD files for the RepRap Mendel model 3D printer.

The v1.0 directory is intended to house a version of the Mendel which closely resembles the one initially released at Bugfixes and minor improvements will be incorporated, but always with an eye toward backwards compatibility.

The v1.1 directory is intended to house current development on the Mendel CAD files, including but not limited to porting to the MCAD library, radical improvements, and integration with the Huxley CAD files.

The experimental directory is a place for ideas to be developed, awaiting integration into either v1.0 or v1.1.

The utilities directory houses various programs which developers and end users may find useful when working with the CAD files.
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