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win32: Bump libsigc++ dependency. Improve Cross-Compile doc

Older libsigc++ doesn't build with newer MingW headers, but the
latest one does and is compatible.

Update the WIN32_CROSS_COMPILE.txt to note that the gcc-mingw32
variant of MingW successfully compiles things that work these
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1 parent 773d350 commit 4bfad661128c4c61fad1ccd02f6d0ae1ff01be21 @thaytan thaytan committed Feb 19, 2013
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  1. +18 −10 WIN32_CROSS_COMPILE.txt
  2. +2 −2 win32/glib-win32.moduleset
@@ -8,19 +8,26 @@ jhbuild needs to be at least version 2.30.2 for .tar.xz file support.
2) Mingw32 compiler
-You need the right version of mingw32 (mingw32, not gcc-mingw32 in Ubuntu natty is built
-with --disable-shared, which breaks C++ exception handling. See
- I haven't tried
-OpenSuse's mingw32 to see if it has the same problem.
-As of 10 Mar 2012, Debian's mingw32 package doesn't have the required shared
-version of libgcc_s, and needs rebuilding with a patch to provide it.
+You need the right version of mingw32, which supports shared libgcc, or else
+exceptions don't work and everything breaks. There are 2 packages in Debian distributions:
+mingw32, and gcc-mingw32. In the past gcc-mingw32 in Ubuntu Natty and Debian (at least)
+was built with --disable-shared, which breaks C++ exception handling. See
+ As of the middle of 2012,
+this is no longer the case.
Basically, check that the version of mingw32 you have installs a libgcc_s.a
and provides libgcc_sjlj_1.dll.
-Even better, is to rebuild mingw32 to use DWARF style exception handling, as
+Also possible is to rebuild mingw32 to use DWARF style exception handling, as
well as shared libgcc (in which case, you'll have libgcc_dw2_1.dll instead of
-(TBD: Expand these instructions)
+libgcc_sjlj_1.dll. This provides a slightly larger but faster library, and can be done
+because we build all our dependencies and can be sure we'll never throw an exception
+across a foreign library (which doesn't work with DWARF style exceptions).
+-- OpenMP support --
+As of Feb 2013, neither the mingw32 nor gcc-mingw32 packages provide OpenMP support. mingw32
+because it's too old, gcc-mingw32 apparently because the pthreads library isn't stable enough
+for them (see
3) make distclean in the toplevel directory to unconfigure it, if you've been
building there already. It needs to be unconfigured for the cross compile done by
@@ -33,5 +40,6 @@ win32/checkout.rls (or checkout.dbg)
The result executable should be in win32/target.dbg/bin/repsnapper.exe
-In case of rls an installer exe (repsnapper-$VERSION.exe) will be built in the win32 directory.
+In case of the release build, an installer exe (repsnapper-$VERSION.exe) will be built
+in the win32 directory.
@@ -43,8 +43,8 @@
-<tarball id="libsigc++" version="2.0.18">
- <source href="" sha256sum="53e7d030b73815a31781c26acb42f7880df3e786ed46a8fe3cde08a4c21ecceb"/>
+<tarball id="libsigc++" version="2.2.11">
+ <source href="" sha256sum="9834045f74f56752c2c6b3cdc195c30ab8314ad22dc8e626d6f67f940f1e4957"/>
<tarball id="mm-common" version="0.9.5">

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